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​六本木の板 (キャメリッシュ)

Panel in Roppongi (camelish)


専有面積:62 ㎡

階数:1階 (5階建て中)




principal use:gallery + cafe
total floor area:62 ㎡
number of stories:1st floor / 5 stories

construction:Sawada koumuten

photo:kenta hasegawa



This project involved designing an interior of a gallery&café near Roppongi Hills, in Tokyo, Japan.This tenant has been included the grand floor of the building stood in the irregular triangle site cut off by a highway in front and the rectangle site behind.The external form of the building has been shaped by the various factors around the site. As the former tenant was a live&bar, there were a lot of hanged facilities left over, such as  cable racks for electricity, lighting rails or  the suspension light battens. These facilities were also placed according to the outline of the existing building. In other words, they were placed according to the surrounding factors that shape the building, and had various axes. We converted those existing facilities into the panels for the exhibition and the building service. Those panels act as the devices that run all over the tenant carrying the exhibitions and greens, while they install the electrical wirings and the lightings in the interior that exposes the structure without finishes. Likewise, the interior fixtures like internal walls or shelves were also arranged in a way that have autonomous forms and various angles. By accepting a diverse factors that the irregular triangle site had, we were able to create the space with depth and expanse where visitors and exhibitions make multiple relationships.

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