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Cut in Koganecho

用途:アトリエ / ギャラリー

延床面積:20 ㎡






principal use:studio + gallery
total floor area:20 ㎡
number of stories:2 stories

construction:Anzai Koumuten

art:Rafael Lima Itoh

photo:kenta hasegawa



This project involved redesigning the former illegal sex shop (common name is “Chonnoma”) to the artist in residence as part of “Koganecho Bazaar 2016”

“Koganecho Bazaar” is an art festival held every year since 2008, in Koganecho area of ​​Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture. Therefore, Koganecho has art everywhere, the town itself is the exhibition space. We thought to cut into the long and narrow space of the existing building and to create oblique facade with depth from frontal road. CUT is continuous with the town, and it becomes an exhibition space where people going around are pulled in by having a different axis from the surrounding building. We converted from negative situation with activity hidden from town by spatial form of “Chonnoma” to positive situation with activity opened to town by CUT.

JCDデザインアワード2017 銀賞・新人賞・五十嵐太郎賞・Horace Pan賞・森田恭通賞
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